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Good morning and happy Thursday. I hope you are all well and enjoying your week. Enjoy your day today and see how much home learning you can complete. Remember to keep in touch and send me an email, showing what you have been up to.

Maths - Divide with remainders

Watch this video and then have a go at answering the questions below.


Have a go at the next page of your English activity booklet. Today I would like you to complete 'Summer Word Mix Up'. 

You need to read the sentences and try and work out what feature the underlined word/ words are. e.g. relative clause/ adverbial of...


Some are trickier than others, so see which ones you can do. I have posted the answer booklet as well if you want to check your answers at the end. Good luck!



Spend at least 20 minutes of your day reading a text of your choice. You could also visit the first news website, and catch up on the news. Follow the link below and click on 'kids'.

How do you feel about current issues in the news?


Make sure you get your daily dose of exercise. You could perform to some Just Dance videos on youtube, take part in Joe Wicks' PE lesson or go out for a daily walk and see what animals you can see and hear. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy!


Read the powerpoint below, which explains about the life and work of a lady called Jane Goodall. She was a British scientist, who was famous for working with chimpanzees and discovering more about their behaviour. Then have a go at completing the fact/fiction worksheet. Remember to refer back to the powerpoint for any statements you are unsure on. Choose the star rating that you are most confident at completing. If you are unsure - go for 2*.