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Thursday 16th July

Basic Skills: Maths Games

This is a new set of online maths games which are great to practice facts which you should already know. Today I would like you to do the doubles games. You will need to click the 'doubles' icon. You can then choose your own level. I would like you to try doubling numbers between 10 and 20, but you can make it easier or harder for yourselves by selecting one of the other options. ( there are some other great games on there which you might like to try at a later date.) Have fun smiley

Super soil: find out how to test your own soil !

Watch the clip below to find out how to check the soil in your garden. You might need to get your hands dirty- but don't forget to give your hands a good wash once you have finished. Find out if your soil is sandy or clay based. Then make your own mud face- not your own face you understand!!