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Thursday 21st May

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something that you enjoy doing for exercise today.



Today we are going to do some reading activities based on the story Funnybones  by Janet and Alan Ahlberg. Here is the link to the lesson. If you are struggling to read the text all by yourself then ask a grown up to help you read it. 




Here are some more activities to help you learn about shapes. First have a go at the 2D and 3D shape quizzes.

Now have a go at these challenges.


Afternoon Activities




Do you remember what we've learnt about the Titanic? We've learnt about how it was built and we've learnt about what it was like on board the ship. But what happened to the Titanic as she sailed through the Atlantic Ocean? Watch the short film below to re-cap your knowledge of what Titanic was like and then find out what happened to the ship in the middle of the night on 14th and 15th April 1912. 


The Sinking of the Titanic

See if you can draw pictures to show what happened to the Titanic.


First you could draw the ship scraping past the enormous iceberg.


Then you could draw a picture of all the passengers being lowered into the sea in the lifeboats.


Finally draw a picture of the ship sinking below the surface of the sea. Remember to show the lifeboats sailing away from the ship and also the people who were in the sea around the ship. 

Mental Health Awareness Week

Daily 'Self- Kindness' Activity

Treat yourself to something today. It could be taking time to do something you enjoy, enjoying an edible treat or anything else you like. Make a good choice!