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Thursday 25th June

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something from our PE and Exercise Ideas page.



Today we are going to complete a reading lesson from the BBC Daily Lessons.


Today we are going to work on adding and subtracting 1s. Watch the teaching video below.

Now complete the activity.

Afternoon Activity 1

Northern Star Academies Trust Virtual Sports Day.

Don't forget to take part in this event today. Hopefully you'll be able to attempt all 5 challenges. If you can't manage all 5 do as many as you can. Take a break between each one so you regain your energy! Remember to submit your results by clicking on the KS1 Results link and completing the form. Here is the information you'll need.

Afternoon Activity 2

Design and Technology: Simple Designs.


Use this BBC Daily Lesson to find out about making designs.

Don't forget to learn your spellings today and try to do some reading. Listen to a story from the Story Time page if you want too.