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Thursday 26th March

Good Morning!

I hope you are all starting to settle into some kind of routine as we progress through the week. Thank you to the children for sending me some pictures of their work and them working hard at home - I've added them to the 'See What Your Friends Have Being Doing' page.


Are you all enjoying PE with Joe at 9am? If you are, take part again today. If you're ready for a change why not choose something else? Here's some ideas:


Go for a walk with an adult outside. Remember you need to stay 2m away from other people to stay safe and keep others safe.


Do some skipping or hula hooping in your garden


Put some music on and do some dancing


Go for a bike ride with an adult



We are doing a different Reading Activity today. Read the texts and then answer the questions in your orange book. Remember to write the date and LO before you start.



Today we are going to work on the 10x table. This needs to be learnt by heart like the 2x and 5x tables. Do a little bit of learning everyday on these. When you are in KS2 knowing your times tables is really important to help you be a brilliant mathematician!


Remember to choose the independent activity best suited to your ability. Look at the Starter Activities first, then the Teaching Activities and finish with independent work.

Picture 1


Copy out the Spring poem in your best handwriting in your orange book and then draw a spring picture inspired by the poem. 

Topic: Castles

Today we are going to learn about the different parts of a castle

Look at the powerpoint to learn the names for the different features of a castle and what they were used for. Then in your orange book copy the drawing of the castle from the PDF document and label it.


Choose some books to read for 20-30 minutes


Spend some time learning this week's spellings