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Thursday 2nd April

Good Morning Everyone!


Time for exercise again...choose Joe Wicks, Yoga for Kids or an activity of your choice.



This is the final day of constructing our information text about Castles. Today our sub-title will be 




Read both of the texts about Knights from Friday 27th March to remind you of the information you learnt last week. Write sentences about the following in your orange book. 


* Explain who could become a knight

* Explain what knights have to do

* Explain what knights had to wear

* Explain how knights were trained to do their job


All knights carried a shield with their own special pattern on it. This was called a coat of arms. You could have a go at designing your own coat of arms in a shield shape and then colour it in.


There are some examples in the document below to inspire you. You may want to choose images to draw that mean something to you. A football if you enjoy this game, maybe a picture of your pet or your family. Anything that you associate with yourself.

You could do this either in your orange book or on a piece of paper. I've included a shield template if you have a printer to print it off. Or you could just copy it into your book.


Division: Grouping in Equal Groups

Today we are going to apply the skills we learnt yesterday to problem solving and reasoning questions.


RE: The Easter Story

First read through the Easter Story in the attachment below.

Now have a go at the Easter Story Wordsearch

Finally have a go at making a palm cross. There are instructions below. If you don't have any card then use paper. Once you've made it you may want to decorate it with Easter images. Palm crosses are usually given to people as they attend church on Palm Sunday which is the Sunday before Easter. This year Palm Sunday is Sunday 5th April.

Finish off the afternoon with reading, learning your spellings and times tables.


If you'd like to have a story read to you you could log onto David Walliams' website

Every day he reads a story at 11am, its called Elevenses. Choose this option from the drop down menu. Scroll down to find the stories. All the stories remain on the website until Sunday for you to listen to. Currently there are 7 to choose from.