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Thursday 30th April

Good Morning Everyone!


Choose a PE/fitness activity of your choice this morning.



Today we are going to look at one of the new BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons. The link is below so click on it and off you go. It is the English lesson from Tuesday 28th April all about using apostrophes, something that can be tricky to do until we remember the rules!


Remember to practise your spellings today as well and complete 20-30 minutes of reading.


Today I'd like you to complete pages 24 and 25 of the Place Value booklet, Word Problems Involving Negative Numbers.

Topic Activities: Geography

The Great Barrier Reef


Find out about The Great Barrier Reef by watching the following video clips.

Now have a look at these websites to find out more information about The Great Barrier Reef.


Today I'm going to let you decide how you want to present your learning about the Great Barrier Reef. You could perhaps create some artwork depicting an aspect of the barrier reef, you may want to pretend you're on holiday in Australia and write a postcard, letter or diary entry about your visit to the barrier reef. Perhaps you could write a newspaper article about the effects of tourism or pollution on the barrier reef. You could make your own powerpoint about the reef or even make a short film explaining what you've learnt. Or you may have an idea of your own! I'm already looking forward to hearing and seeing what you've chosen. 


Enjoy the rest of your day!