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Tuesday 30th June

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something from the PE and Exercise Ideas page.


Today we are going to use the Activity Booklet again. Today I'd like you to complete pages 7 and 8, Holidays: Past and Present.


Today we are going to add 2 digit numbers. Watch the teaching video below.


Now complete the activity.

If this is too tricky try the activities below.


Afternoon Activity

History: Holidays In The Past


Last week we used photographs of holidays in the 1950s and 1960s to find out about what holidays at the seaside might have been like and we thought about things that were the same and different. 


This week we are going to use souvenirs to help us discover more about holidays in the 1950s.


First look at the talking points below and discuss with an adult.

Now write your postcard from your 1950s seaside holiday. You can use the template below if you like.
Now remember to do some reading and continue to learn your spellings. Listen to a story from the Story Time page too if you like.