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Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose an activity that you'd like to do today.



Today we are going to re-visit two things:

1. Using commas in a list

2. Writing statement sentences.

We will use a BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson. I hope you enjoy Activity 2, its all about Antarctica! You may recognise some of the video materials as I think they were used in the lesson about commas in lists and command sentences we did last week.


Using Commas in Lists When Writing Statements



Today we will continue to work on multiplication and division. Use the booklet and complete pages 5 and 6 please. 

Afternoon Activities

Topic. Geography

Oceans and Seas

This afternoon we are going to re-visit the Oceans and Seas powerpoint to remind you of the facts you learnt in Week 1. Then have a go at the quiz below to test your knowledge. Good Luck!

Try to find time to learn your spellings today and to spend some time reading too. Enjoy the rest of your day!