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Tuesday 16th June

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something from the PE and Exercise Ideas page.

English: Writing Sentences

Following on from our learning yesterday about sentence writing I'd like you to practise what you learnt using your spelling words.


Take each word and include it in a sentence and also includes a conjunction (and, so, but, because, when, or, although etc)


Remember to begin your sentence with a capital letter and end it in a full stop. Use your best handwriting and remember finger spaces!


Here's a reminder of your words for this week:


sigh, high, might, tight, bright, fright, tonight, delight, highlight, height


Today we are going to learn about sharing or dividing. First watch the teaching video.

Now have a go at the activity below.


Afternoon Activity

Topic: History/Geography


Today we are going to start thinking about holidays. Look at the 2 slides in the document below and talk to someone at home about your experiences and ideas. If you haven't been on a holiday you could talk about a holiday/place you'd like to go on holiday to.

Now complete the worksheet below by drawing pictures and writing captions as a record of a holiday you've been on. If you haven't been on a holiday you could choose a holiday you'd like to go on in the future.
On Thursday afternoon I've planned for you to do some junk modelling to make the form of transport you used to take you on your holiday. You might want to start saving cardboard boxes and packets etc for this.
Remember to do some reading today and spend time learning your spellings. Choose a story to listen to from the Story Time page.