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Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something you'd like to do today that is fun and energetic.



Today we are going to do a BBC Daily Lesson about Homophones to support all the spelling work we've done this half term. Here is the link. 


Identifying and Using Homophones


Today we are going to learn about 3D shapes. First look at the Powerpoint presentation to remind you of the shape names.

Now you can do a 3D shape treasure hunt around your home. As well as colouring in the shapes labe them with their name as well. 

Afternoon Activity


Under the Sea Model


Over the next couple of afternoons I'd like you to ave a go at making an under the sea model. I've included some images in the document below as inspiration. 

Shoe boxes are ideal but cereal packets or any other large box will work. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of what you create. Today you could concentrate on painting/covering your box, drawing out your design and gathering your materials/equipment. There will be time tomorrow afternoon to create the creatures you'll include. 

Mental Health Awareness Week

Daily Self-Kindness Activity

Think of 3 things that you are really good at. Give yourself a pat on the back and feel proud of yourself.


Acts of Kindness

As well as being kind to yourself you could also be kind to others. Have a look at the document below for some ideas of things you could try throughout this week.

Remember to practise your spellings and do some reading today.