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Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning.

I hope you are working hard and still enjoying your home learning.

Don’t forget to visit Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel for another fun and active start to your day.

You can also follow phonics live on Ruth Miskin training’s YouTube page where Read, Write inc. phonics lessons are available. For the times please check the phonics section of our class page.

Attached below are our learning activities for today. You also have your CGP Maths and English 10 minute workout books. Please complete Spring term: workout 4 in your Maths book.

Don’t forget to take regular breaks outside and you can try some of the activities suggested in your workbook that was sent home.


In Maths we are measuring the height and length of different objects.

To measure different objects we can use different units. Today we will be practicing measuring objects using our hands as the unit.

When we measure using our hands we need to remember to line our hands up with the start of the object.


You need to line up your hand so they are touching.


Make sure you measure to the end of the object.

The table is 4 hands long.

Walk around your house and use your hands to practice measuring different objects. In your book, underneath the dot date, write down the height or length of the objects.

e.g. The table is 4 hands long.




In English we are spending some time securing our grammar knowledge. In your book please complete the grammar sheet below.


In computing we have been looking at following instructions and how these help us to reach the result we are looking for.

Can you remember what the word algorithm means?
It is the precise instructions a computer follows to help it get the correct result.

What is a recipe? What is included in a recipe? Why do we need them?

A recipe is a set of instructions which you follow much like a computer follows an algorithm. Today can you find a recipe and with the help of an adult follow the steps? Why are the steps in a specific order? What would happen if you did the steps in the wrong order?


Read your school reading book or another book from home. Remember to use your phonics to help you read any tricky words.