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Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning Everyone!


Time for some exercise again, Joe Wicks will be live on YouTube at 9am.



Remember to do your reading for around 20 minutes today and then don't forget you have your spellings to learn too. Spend 10-15 minutes today starting to learn them. 


We are going to continue working on conjunctions today. Using the same booklet as yesterday (I've added it again below) I'd like you to complete Conjunction Match on pages 3 and 4. Copy the first part of the sentence, choose the other part that matches it and makes sense and ten copy that into your book too to make the complete sentence. Read each sentence through when you've written it to check it makes sense. 


We are going to continue with our work on place value. Today I'd like you to complete the pages Tens and Ones and Coins Counting on pages 4 and 5. For Tens and Ones copy out the number in your book and then write how many tens and how many ones next to it. For Counting Coins, count the 10p coins, then the 1p coins then add them together to find the total amount of money. Write this in your book. 

Geography: Oceans of The World

Read (or ask an adult to read for you) the information cards below. When you've finished create some Fact Cards about the oceans you've learnt about. 

Use a piece of paper for each ocean. Write the name of the ocean at the top in large letters. For each ocean use 3 sub titles:


Size, Location, Interesting Facts. 


Use the  cards to find the information you need and write it onto your paper underneath each of your subtitles. Illustrate your Fact Card to match your interesting facts.


Well Done Everybody...I hope you enjoyed today's activities. 

Enjoy the rest of your day! smiley