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Tuesday 21st



Below are activities for today based on fronted adverbials. I have also attached a work booklet. This is for additional work if needed. It also has further explanations of fronted adverbials and a terminology guide for parents.


Today, we will be continuing work on place value in the booklet added yesterday.


The pages to complete today

Adding and subtracting 1000 - pg 8-9

You do not need to complete all 30 calculations (unless you want to).

Recognise place value of each digit in a 4 digit number - pg 13



Please access the Introduction to Maps lesson at and complete the activities.



On your daily walk, can you draw a map and write directions along your way, using N, S, E, W and NE, SE, SW, NW. You can use a compass from home or download one on a phone or ipad.

Did you find it easy? Or are you glad we have satellite navigation now?