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Tuesday 23rd June


Enjoying reading


An author chooses everything about a book:

  • where it is set
  • what happens
  • who the characters are
  • what those characters are like

This is called authorial intent.

Authors also think hard about what they want their readers to feel when they are reading their books.

When someone reads a book and really likes it, they often read other books by the same author. This is because they enjoy how that author writes and how that author makes them feel.

For example: Lots of people enjoy reading Roald Dahl’s books because they know they’re usually funny, have interesting characters and will be written in a way that makes them feel happy.

Click the link below to watch the video.

Now think about a book you’ve enjoyed reading or listening to. You're going to review that book and the author - just like Ade did in the video.


Fill in the book review activity sheet explaining what you like about that book and the way the author writes.

Look at the questions in each box to help you.

Either print off the sheet and fill it in, or copy out the subheadings onto a piece of paper.



Problem solving with fractions


Problem solving is a fantastic way to put your knowledge into practise.

Word problems can sometimes seem scary and more like a comprehension question in English. However, once you have your detective hat on, you’ll have cracked the answer in no time.


READ the question carefully.


CHOOSE the correct operation (+ - x ÷) and method.

SOLVE the problem!

ANSWER the question.

CHECK your working out.


Watch the BBC video to find out more!


First, can you research different animals to fit under the different group headings? You might know some already?


Then I would like you to pick one of the animals and research their habitat. Can you design a plan of their habitat to make next week? You can make it in a shoebox, in a jar, in the corner of the garden or out of paper.


Think about what that animal will need. Could be food, water, safe shelter or different animals to share that habitat? Include these in your design.