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Tuesday 23rd June

Basic Skills: times tables


Today I would like you to write an introduction to your mountain adventure story. Remember you do not need to write out the whole story today- just the introduction.

An introduction tells the reader who- the main characters are and what their roles are

                                                   what- what are the characters doing there

                                                   where- where are the characters ( Name a mountain/

                                                               mountain range/ country eg. the Alps- Switzerland)

                                                   why- why are they there?

                                                   when- time of year- time of day

I have written a brief introduction to my own mountain adventure, read it and hopefully it will give you some ideas about how to start. It needs to be between 10 and 15 lines long.

Volcano research sheets. Use the website below and YouTube clip from yesterday to try and answer some of the questions. Good Luck!