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Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning.

Don't forget to get your day off to an energetic start. You can follow Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel for a fun start to your day (link on home learning page).

Below are the different learning activities for today.

You have also been given CGP Maths and English 10 minute workout books. Please complete Autumn term: workout 1 in your English book.

In addition to this, children can try some of the activities suggested in the work book that was sent home.


In maths today we are securing our understanding of number bonds to 10.

To help you with this work you can use 10 of any object, this could be beads, buttons, counters or pencils.

Move your 10 objects into different groupings and see how many addition number sentences you can find that add up to 10.

In your book underneath your dot date (24.3.20) can you write down all the number sentences you find?

eg. 1 + 9 = 10

English. In English we are securing our understanding of question marks.


In computing we are using the website purple mash.

Use your login which is in your PACT book.

We are using the tool '2create a story' to develop animated stories. This work has been set as a '2do' for you to complete.

Using the '2create a story' tool start to turn your favourite story into an animated story.

Draw the front cover and add the title to the first page of your animated story. Then start to think about what the main parts of the story are. In your book can you write them down ready to create your story next week?

Don't forget to save any work on purple mash when you have finished. Remember to put your name as part of the file name of your work so that you can find it again.


Read your school reading book or if you prefer you could choose another book from home. Remember if you get stuck use your phonics to help you.