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Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning! 

How was yesterday? I hope you all accessed the activities easily and that you were able to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine in your gardens. 


So onto today...Joe Wicks will be doing his online PE session again at 9am from his YouTube channel. Join in and energise yourself for the rest of the day.



Now that we have finished our Dragon poetry writing we are moving onto our next unit so today's activity is a prediction task. 


2x Table

Today we are going to build on the work we did yesterday on the 2x table.

Everyone needs to learn the 2x table by heart. This is something you can practise throughout the week. You should be able to recall the facts really quickly without pausing to work them out. Once you are feeling confident ask someone to time you to see how quickly you can answer the questions. Can you beat your time?


Below is the work for you to complete. Everyone should try the EXP work. If this is too hard move to the DEV work or if its too easy try GD.


Log onto PurpleMash using the tab at the top of the Y2 webpage. Your login details are in your PACT book. Use 2Paint to create a picture of your choice. There is a video clip of how to draw a castle to remind you if you can't remember how to use the tools. 


Read for 20 minutes, either your reading book or a book of your choice. 


Basic Skills

Spend some time learning your spellings (list is on yesterday's home learning task page)  and beginning to learn the 2x table

Picture 1

CBeebies website on the BBC iPlayer

There are lots of programmes for you to enjoy on CBeebies! New educational programmes are now being added. Why don't you take a look?