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Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning Everyone!


Its time for Joe Wicks' workout again or if you prefer choose another form of exercise that you enjoy.



Today I'd like you to practise your spellings using the Look Say Cover Write Check method.



Today we are going to do a Reading Comprehension activity about Planet Earth. There are 3 levels contained in the document below. 3 star is the most difficult and 1 star the easiest. Begin by reading the 2 star document. If you find it too easy go to the 3 star and if it is too hard choose 1 star. Then answer the relevant questions in your blue book. Remember to refer to the text to help you answer accurately. 


Today I'd like you to complete pages 20 and 21 of the Place Value Booklet The Nearest 100,00 and The Nearest 100,00 (2).

Topic Work: Art

Below I've attached a photo of Ayers Rock. Today I'd like you to create your own picture of Ayers Rock. You can choose how you would like to do this. it could be a drawing, a painting or a collage.

Use your careful observational skills to include as much detail as possible. Look carefully at the colours and shading. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!