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Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning.

I hope you are working hard and still enjoying your home learning.

Don’t forget to visit Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel for another fun and active start to your day.

You can also follow phonics live on Ruth Miskin training’s YouTube page where Read, Write inc. phonics lessons are available. For the times please check the phonics section of our class page.

Attached below are our learning activities for today. You also have your CGP Maths and English 10 minute workout books. Please complete Autumn term: workout 9 in your Maths book.

Don’t forget to take regular breaks outside and you can try some of the activities suggested in your workbook that was sent home.


In maths we are comparing number sentences. To do this we will use the symbols <, > and =. Remember that the hungry crocodile always eats the bigger number.

Can you pick the correct symbol to complete the number sentences below?

10 __ 12
20 __7
14 __ 14


Sometimes we have to work out how many we have on each side.

e.g. 5 + 3 __ 4 + 6
Underneath we can write down how many are on each side
5 + 3 = 8
4 + 6 = 10
8 __ 10
8 < 10


In your book underneath the dot date complete the number sentences using <, > or =.

  1. 10 + 5 __ 8 + 3
  2. 17 – 6 __ 12 + 1
  3. 6 + 2 __ 13 – 5
  4. 20 – 9 __ 17 - 3

English. In English we are spending some time securing our grammar knowledge. In your book please complete the grammar sheet below.


In computing we have been looking at following instructions and how these help us to reach the result we are looking for.

Can you remember what the word algorithm means?
It is the precise instructions a computer follows to help it get the correct result.

Today can you find a game which you have at home? Using to instructions can you teach a parent, brother or sister how to play the game? Was it easy? What did you find tricky? What would you do differently next time?


Read your school reading book or another book from home. Remember to use your phonics to help you read any tricky words.