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Tuesday 28th



I will be sharing some extracts from a book over the next couple of weeks. Look at the props in the picture to predict what the text might be about.



Today, we will be focusing on subtraction.

The first activity is to practise the strategy but if you would like a challenge, there is also the challenge sheet.

Remember, if you are already feeling really confident with maths then have a go at the greater depth challenges I have put together. They are on Monday's home learning page.



Please watch this video at


I would like you to design your own air raid shelter, ready to build next week. I will put the Blitz Powerpoint back up for you to look at the different types of shelter. Can you research what materials made the safest structures for shelters?


Can you draw your shelter, along with labels and sentences of the materials and methods needed to build?  You can design a model out of paper, cardboard and recycling or design a life-size den structure out of tables, boxes and blankets.


We are excited to see what you design!