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Thursday 4th June

Good morning Everyone!



Choose something from our PE and Exercise Ideas page, Joe Wicks or another favourite sports activity you enjoy. 



Today we are going to re-visit learning about adjectives (describing words).


First have a look at the Powerpoint to remind you what adjectives are.

Now have a go at choosing adjectives to describe a fruit using the prompts on the sheet. Try to think of as many adjectives as possible for each section.
If you enjoyed that you could try it for different foods! Let me know what you choose and your amazing adjectives to describe it!


Today we are going to continue working on multiplication with a focus on repeated addition.


Complete the learning in the Powerpoint first.



Now complete the activity worksheets below.

Afternoon Activity

Geography: The United Kingdom


Find out about the United Kingdom from this Powerpoint.


Learn more about the capital cities of the UK through these short video clips.










Which city do you think you'd like to visit? Why?

Choose your favourite city and talk to an adult at home about why you would like to go there. Try to give as many reasons as you can think of.

Perhaps you could ask your parent to email me and tell me your choices - I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts!

Story Time

Choose a story to listen to today and then remember to try to practise your own reading and spend some time learning your spellings.