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Tuesday 31st March

​​​​​​Good Morning everyone!


What exercise would you like to do today? Joe Wicks, or something else? Perhaps you could try Go Noodle. Find this at There are lots of different dance routines to try so take your pick.



Today we are going to continue with writing our non-fiction information text about Castles. Today's sub-heading will be


Life In A Castle


Within this sub-heading include sentences that explain the following information

* What a keep of a castle was

* Who lived there

* The different rooms in a keep

* Describe what the living conditions would have been like, for example the sleeping arrangements, baths and the toilets

* Explain what daily life was like in a castle. Who worked in a castle and what jobs did they do?


Like yesterday write the sub-heading in your orange book and then record your sentences underneath this in a paragraph. Remember neat handwriting, use your phonics to help you spell and check your sentences make sense once you've written them down. Make sure you have used a capital letter an full stop.


Remember you can use the texts from Thursday 26th March to remind you of the information but make sure you write your own sentences.







Today we are going to continue with learning about division (or sharing) and making equal groups.


You'll be getting the hang of this now...teaching activities first followed by the independent activity at your own level.

Afternoon Activities

This afternoon we are going to do Easter themed Design and Technology. The task is for everyone to design and make a themed decorated egg! We are going to do this over 2 days.


Today: You need to draw out your design. Decide what you want to make your egg look like. Will it be a book character, a teacher from school, someone in your family, a famous person...the possibilities go on but its your choice.


Either in your orange book or on a piece of paper draw a large egg shape. Then draw your design. Make sure when you are creating this you think about what materials you are going to use to stick onto your egg to create your character. Label your drawing so you can see tomorrow what you need.


Next, get your egg ready to decorate tomorrow. You will need to hard boil it and YOU MUST get an adult to do this for you because you need boiling water which is dangerous and will burn you if you spill it. Ask an adult to hard boil an egg for you. Once this has been done your egg will need to cool down before you can touch it. Leave it on one side until tomorrow. 


If you have time, start to collect the materials you will need tomorrow.

To finish off today spend some time reading, learning your spellings and times tables.