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Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something from our PE and Exercise Ideas page.



Today we are going to recap question sentences and writing a question mark. We are going to use a lesson from BBC Bitesize. There are 3 activities for you to complete, don't worry if you can't manage all of them though, choose the ones that appeal to you most. Or maybe you might come back to the parts you don't do another time. Here is the link to the lesson.


Writing and Asking Questions


Remember to try to spend some time learning your spellings today and doing some reading.


Today we are going to continue our work on money, using coins to make different totals. There are 3 activities for you to try in the BBC Bitesize lesson.


Here is the link


If you find these activities too tricky try this instead. For each amount try to find 4 different combinations of coins.

Afternoon Activity


75th Anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day)


This week, on Friday 8th May it is a day of special celebration in Europe. It is 75 years since the Second World War ended. We remember it today because many people died in the war and it was a hard time for all families. The end of the war marked a new beginning for everyone.


Read the information below about the Second World War and VE Day. The VE Day document has 3 levels of difficulty. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with to read or ask someone to help you.


Below are a range of VE Day activities for you to choose. Choose one to do today. There will be opportunities later this week to have a go at some of the others. 

In 1945 many people celebrated by having street parties and decorated their houses and streets with red, white and blue bunting. Why not make some of your own to put up at home this weekend? Click on the link below to see how.

The links below contain songs sung by Dame Vera Lynn a famous singer during the Second World War. They gave hope to everyone that life would, one day, return to normal. Have a listen...


There'll be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs of Dover


We'll Meet Again