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Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning Everyone.


I hope everyone is well today.


Before we begin today, it was brought to my attention that yesterday, I forgot to re-attach the Amazing Australia document from Week 1. If you were having trouble finding it I've attached here now for you to refer to. Apologies!


What do you feel like doing today? A walk? Joe Wicks? A run? A bike ride? Choose something you want to do and enjoy it! Don't forget there are other ideas on the PE and Exercise Ideas page. 



Today we are going to do a lesson on expanded noun phrases from BBC Daily Lessons. There are 3 different activities for you to complete. Here is the link to the lesson, I hope you enjoy it. 


Expanded Noun Phrases


Try to spend some time learning your spellings today as well as enjoying some reading time.


Continuing with Addition and Subtraction, I'd like you to complete page 6 today. Record your answers in your blue book. When you've finished, if you want, you could try creating some mental maths questions of your own.

Afternoon Activities

Topic Work

Geography: Human Features

Today I'd like you to continue with your tourist guide. If possible, aim to finish it today but if that's too much don't worry. You can continue with it whenever you have any spare time or when you feel like it.  I've included all the information from yesterday below so you can access it easliy. 


Here are some ideas of what you could include:


Location in Australia of city

Key attractions

Trips and excursions

Transport around city

Special events/festivals

Where to stay

Places to eat







Well done everyone, enjoy the rest of your day.