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Tuesday 5th



Today, you are going to think about a character called Mick. Look at the activity then read the next part of the story.



Today, we are going to recap multiplying and dividing by 6.

Count on and back confidently in sixes. If you are confident with the activities then try some of the challenges.

In the first activity there are 3 pages. Do the first page only if you are not feeling confident. If you are confident then you could try all three pages.


Using your air raid shelter design from last week, can you build your model or den? 

Can you write an evaluation for your design? Write what worked well with your build? What did not work well? What improvements would you make next time?

If you build a life size shelter, can you read a book in it or play a board game? How long can you stay in it before you get bored? Maybe play an air raid siren too to make it feel lifelike.


Why not also start to prepare for a VE Day celebration on Friday? You could design some bunting and have a tea party/garden picnic to celebrate 75 years since WW2 ended.