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PE with Joe Wicks is at 9am on his YouTube Channel.


For the rest of this week we are going to complete some Spring themed activities form the booklet below. Today I'd like you to complete page 3 'Spring Flower Suffixes'. Write the root word shown in the butterfly then choose the suffix that changes the word into a verb. Once you have completed them all write a sentences containing each word.

Now spend some time learning this week's spelling words and doing your 20-30 minutes reading.


We are going to continue with our Place Value work. Today I'd like you to complete pages 4, 5 and 6 on ordering numbers. Write your answers in your book.


Read the Amazing Australia presentation below. Then make an Interesting Facts poster about Australia from the information you have read. Choose 8 facts that you've read that interest you and write them on your poster. Then illustrate them. Remember to set your work out carefully, work neatly and make your poster bright and colourful.

Well done everybody! Enjoy the rest of your day.