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Tuesday 7th July

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something from the PE and Exercise ideas page.



Today we are going to continue with the Activity Booklet we were working on last week. Please complete pages 18 and 19 Lovely Apostrophe Lollies. Remember the apostrophe needs to be placed in the contraction where the missing letters would go if you were writing the 2 words.

Today we are going to re-cap arrays. Watch the teaching video below.

Now complete the activity.


Here is some additional practice.

Afternoon Activity

History: Mary Seacole

Today we are going to learn about a famous person from the past. You might see some similarities between Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. Use the BBC Daily Lesson below to find out about her life and why we remember her. 

Now spend some time learning your spellings and doing some reading. Listen to a story from the Story Time page or ask someone at home to read a story to you.