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Tuesday 9th June

Good Morning everyone!



Choose something from our PE and Exercise Ideas page.



Today we are going to learn about adverbs. Look at the Powerpoint first.

Now complete the activities.


Today we will continue with the 2x table. Complete pages 4, 5 and 6 of the booklet.

Now have a go at these activities and games.

Afternoon Activity

Topic: Geography

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside!


What do you know already about the seaside? 

Think about a time that you may have been to the seaside. Write down a list of what you know about it. What do you see there, what can you do there? What can you buy there? Do you know the names of any seaside towns? Can you find them on a map?

Now have a look at this film taken by a drone of St Annes, a seaside town near Blackpool. What can you spot that was on your list?

St Annes

Now choose a story from our Story Time page. Remember to spend some time learning your spellings and practising your reading.