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Wed 29th April

Hello everyone, here is your home learning for today, Wednesday 29th April

  • PE with Joe Wicks at 9am on YouTube
  • Phonics from 9.30am -Ruth Miskin on YouTube. Timings are set out on the Home Learning Page.
  • How did you get on with estimating yesterday? Did you have a guess at how many tops were in Mrs Wilkin's jar? The answer is 18. Well done if you estimated a number near to that-or maybe you guessed exactly right?!
  • Learning about butterflies is a good time to talk about symmetry. If something is symmetrical it means it is exactly the same on both sides. Butterflies have symmetrical markings on their wings. A fun way of making a symmetrical picture is to fold a piece of paper in half.  Open it out and put some blobs of paint on one side. Fold your paper over again and press and rub to mix the blobs together and transfer the paint onto the other side of your paper. Open it up-this bit is so exciting-you'll have a great symmetrical picture! If you don't have paint the link below tells you another way of making a symmetrical picture.
  •  Have a look at this Home Learning challenge and see if you want to do any of the activities on it.
  • The link below tells you about the life cycle of a butterfly. There are some interesting facts too. Can you write a fact that you have learnt in your orange book? Draw a beautiful butterfly to go with it. See if you can make it symmetrical.