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Wednesday 10th




Write the correct sentences in your book.

Challenge yourself and complete the three star activity ***.



Today we will be looking at equivalent fractions. A fraction wall will help you to understand this so I have attached one. There is also a BBC video to explain more about equivalent fractions.

Extra-curricular activity


A Venn diagram shows the relationship between a group of different things (a set) in a visual way. Using Venn diagrams allows you to sort data into two or three circles which overlap in the middle.  Each circle follows a certain rule, so any numbers or objects placed in the overlapping part (the intersection) follow both rules.

A Carroll diagram is used to organise data and group it according to whether it fits certain criteria.

We can use these different diagrams to group living things, have a look at the worksheet and either group the animals on there or I would love to see you make your own version with the living things you like?


You could also make an active Venn diagram with hula hoops and labels too?