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Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose an activity that you would like to do for exercise today. 



Today we are continuing our work on subordinate clauses. I'd like you to use your knowledge of subordinate clauses to write a diary entry. Your diary entry could be about a day you have experienced or if you prefer you could choose/make up a character and write a fictional diary entry around them. I'd like you to try to include subordinate clauses in your sentences. Remember they can come at the beginning, at the end or even in the middle of sentences. Remember to use a subordinate conjunction if necessary and punctuate your clause with commas correctly. 


Today I'd like you to work through the Line Graph Challenge cards below.

Afternoon Activity


Australian Wildlife


Today you are going to use the notes you made yesterday to create your double page information text. Think carefully about the layout of your work and include


A main title, subtitles, paragraphs, captions, pictures, text boxes, interesting facts, did you know section.


You could create this with pens or you could create a Word document.

Make some time if you can for spellings and reading today. 

Enjoy the rest of the day!