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Good morning Year 5! I hope you all slept well and are ready for another day of learning. Below is a guide for your day - I hope you enjoy the activities on offer for you today. 

Morning activity

Maths - Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places

Watch the video and then have a go at completing the questions.


For your English work today I would like you to use your plan from yesterday to create your 'Save the Oceans' poster. Make sure your poster has a clear message to the reader, is eye-catching and colourful and contains some key facts. Think carefully about where you position your title and facts - the reader needs to be able to see them from a distance. Include appropriate images/ drawings to support your poster too. I am looking forward to seeing them!


Did you know that over seven-tenths of the Earth's surface is water yet only 1% of the Earth's water is suitable for drinking?

For your Topic work today, I want you to learn more about the seas and oceans found in the world. You will need access to the internet or non-fiction books for this activity. If possible, please look up a world map and see what seas and oceans you can label.