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Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning Everyone!


I've added a different option this morning for your exercise. Maybe you would like something a little more calming this morning - how about some yoga? Its really good for your whole body, it allows you to stretch your muscles, increases your flexibility as well as calming and energising you for the day. Here is the link, the class lasts 30 minutes. During the warm up it asks you to cover your face with your hands. Due to COVID 19 we are being told not to touch our faces so please don't do this part.


Of course if you're still enjoying Joe Wicks keep going with that!


Today we are continuing with our information text on Castles. Re-read the texts from Friday 27th March about Feasts.


The sub-title of your work today should be


Include the following in your sentences:

* Explain where in the castle a feast would take place and describe what this place was like.

* Explain how the seating in this room was arranged

* Explain how the food was cooked

* Explain what they ate

* Explain what other entertainment might go on during a feast

* Write down any interesting facts about feasts


Remember to write sentences that make sense, use your phonics for spelling and use your best handwriting. Don't forget capital letters and full stops!


Today we are going to group objects into equal groups. Look at the teaching activities then choose your level of Independent Activity to complete in your orange book.

Afternoon Work

Today you are going to decorate your egg! Remember to use your design that you created yesterday. Whe you've finished ask an adult to take a photo of you and your finished egg and design and email them to


Finish off your afternoon with reading, learning this week's spellings and timestables.