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Wednesday 20th May

Hello everyone, welcome to your Wednesday home learning.

  • start with Joe Wicks or cosmic yoga. Yoga link .....
  • Phonics with Ruth Miskin on YouTube.
  • If you didn’t manage to keep your worms still enough to measure yesterday, have a go at measuring some of your toys or other items from home. Find 4 or 5 items of different sizes. Can you arrange them in size order? Below are some instructions and examples to help you.
Picture 1
  • As I type this (Sunday) the weather forecast for Wednesday is sun sun sun! So I hope the forecast has not changed, and, as you read this you are raring to get outside! Well, good news- your next learning job is how to stay safe in the sun. So, get the sun cream out and ask an adult to help you to put a generous amount on all of your bare skin. Do you know why we have to do this? It’s a bit annoying when you just want to get going but it’s really important so you must do it. Have a chat with a parent to talk about why it is so important. Once you’ve got your cream on grab a sun hat and out you go! Have a lovely time in your garden or on your walk. Being outside in the sunshine makes me feel so happy so I hope this is the case for you too today. Be careful not to get sunburnt and do drink plenty of water- your body needs more water when it is hot. Have a great afternoon!