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Wednesday 22nd April

Good Morning Everyone! At some point today please visit the Additional Resources sub-page where I have added information about Culture At Home, a webpage which gives information on cultural activities available to everyone during the lockdown.


Let's get today off to an energetic start with Joe Wicks on YouTube at 9am.



I hope we're really getting good at conjunctions now!  Using the Conjunction Activities again, today we're going to do the final page Make a Complex Sentence on page 5. Copy the first part of the sentence that has been done for you then you need to think of an ending to follow the conjunction that makes sense. Say your sentence first then write it down. Check it makes sense by reading it back to yourself.


Remember to do your reading today and take some time to continue learning your spellings, we'll do our test on Friday.


Today we are going to complete pages 6 and 7 of the Place Value Activities (Drawing Coins and Number Line Mystery).


Drawing Coins: Write down the amount of money shown in the purse. Then choose how many 10p and how many 1p coins you'll need to make that amount. Write this down.


eg. 45p = 10p + 10p + 10p + 10p + 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p + 1p


Number Line Mystery: If you have a printer it will be easiest to print this out and write your answer on the sheet. If not, look at the sheet on the screen and with an adult point out on the screen where you think the number should go.

History: The Titanic

Read the information in the document below about the Titanic. You can also visit to find out more about the ship itself. Use the red button to scroll down to read the main paragraph and then if you click the labels more information will be revealed about the different parts of the ship. 

Look at the picture below or on the Dorling Kindersley website. Use your observational skills to draw and colour in a picture of the Titanic. If you can use A4 paper landscape.  
Well done everyone, enjoy the rest of your day in the sunshine.