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Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a good day yesterday and enjoyed your home learning. Don't forget, if you have any photos of you working at home or any of the activities you've done email them to and I'll add them to our webpage so all your friends can see what you've been doing.


Let's start today again with PE with Joe Wicks. If you are doing something else at 9am then you can access the exercises later on from the YouTube channel. 



Today we are doing a reading task. You may have guessed from yesterday that our text is going to be about castles!

Choose the text that is best suited to your reading ability, most children will be able to do the EXP version but don't worry if this is too tricky for you, choose the DEV version instead. Each text has some questions to go with it. Read the text and then answer the questions. You will need to refer back to the text to find your answers. 


Today we are going to start using facts relating to the 5x table and, like the 2x table, the 5x table needs to be learnt by heart. 

Begin your Maths work today by doing the Starter Activities. Write your answers in your orange book after writing the quick date. 

Next look at the Teaching Activities. Following this you need to choose your independent task. Remember, try the EXP level but if this is too tricky try DEV or if EXP is easy for you go to GD. Record your answers in your orange book.


I have put a picture of Skipton Castle on here for you to look at. Use this to draw your own picture of Skipton Castle. Remember the skills we have learnt in drawing - looking carefully, sketching, filling the paper, adding details. When you've finished it colour it in. You could choose pencil crayons or felt tips. If you have paints you might choose to paint the castle. I'd love to see your final, finished pieces of work, send them to the Year 2 email address. 


Spend 20-30 minutes reading. Choose your reading book and any other book of your choice. 


Other Resources

Twinkl, which is an educational resources website has a new home learning hub that parents can access to find materials for their children to do. The address is

Take a look!