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Wednesday 25th

Miss. Johnson has been busy spreading rainbow cheer!

Miss. Johnson has been busy spreading rainbow cheer! 1

On Wednesday morning we usually have brass lessons with Mr Price. If you have your instrument, please feel free to have your own brass lesson at home! We would love to see videos of the children playing their instruments (either on Twitter or you can email us).



Additional maths - number lines


L.O - I can understand the meaning of one of Jesus' parables.

In R.E, we are continuing to learn about why Jesus is inspiring to some people.

Please look at the parable about the two builders and think about the meaning. Can you build two structures out of paper or card, one with a secure base and one without? What happens when you try to blow them down? Which falls down first and why?

Jesus is the foundation for the lives of Christians, what are the important foundations that you build your life upon? Can you write one on each of the building blocks on the worksheet or in your book?


In geography, we are starting to look at co-ordinates, can you get your family members to teach you how to play Battleships? Who will sink all their opponent's ships first?