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Wednesday 29th April

Good Morning Everyone!


Choose some exercise you enjoy to get you started.



Today we are going to think about verbs. First I'd like you to read through the powerpoint slides below and then complete the activity sheets. There are 4 to choose from, pick the one that you'd prefer to do. 


Now time to practise your spellings. there's a word search for you to try below.
At some point during the day aim to read a book of your choice for 20-30 minutes.


Today I'd like you to complete pages 22 and 23 of the Place Value Booklet.

Topic Work: Geography

The Australian Alps.


Today I'd like you to research the Australian Alps Mountain Range.

The link below will provide you with lots of information.


Your task today is to produce an information poster aimed at tourists who want to visit the mountain range. If you don't have a large piece of paper for this you could use several smaller pieces and make it into a booklet. I'd like you to include captions/short paragraphs about the different activities for tourists as well as including images to go alongside these. You may choose to write this out or use a computer to produce a digital poster. Remember to make your work colourful, clear and attractive.