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Wednesday 29th April

Good Morning Everyone!


For PE and exercise today I've aded a new link below for you to try if you want. It is Cosmic Kids Yoga, A Popcorn and Pirate Adventure. Or you can repeat yesterday's exercises or carry on with Joe Wicks.


Today I'd like you to complete pages 5 and 8 of the Spring Activity Booklet, Sentence Form Rain Clouds and Adding Adjectives Acrostic.


Today I'd like you to play the game on page 5 with an adult or older brother or sister and complete page 6. Remember you can use your 100 square when adding or subtracting multiples of 10. Find the number on the 100 square, if you're adding multiples of 10 move down the 100 square (move down 1 square for every 10) and if you're subtracting move up. 

Topic Work: History

The Titanic


Do you remember that last week we found out about the building of the Titanic? This week we are going to discover what it would have been like to travel on board this luxury ship. Begin by reading the document below.

What was life like on board Titanic?

Below is more information about travelling in the different classes on board and if you continue to scroll down there is a short film for you to watch too.


Imagine you are travelling on Titanic as a first class passenger. Can you write a postcard home to a family member telling them about what it is like on board this brand new ship? You can print the paper below if you can or if not you can write your postcard in your orange book.

When I was looking at BBC Bitesize Online Daily Lessons earlier I came across a lesson about the four countries of the UK. You might want to take a look and expand your Geography knowledge.