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Wednesday 3rd June

Morning challenge

Wellbeing Journal


Below is a link to a wellbeing activity if you would like to complete it.



This week we will be recapping the use of standard English.

Today the focus is on 'were' or 'was' and 'did' or 'done'.


The first document has some activities for you to look at. You do not need to print it out.

The second document has some work for you to complete in your blue books. There are 3 levels of challenge so you do not need to complete all of the pages (unless you want to!)

Maths - Area


This week we will be recapping area of rectilinear shapes.

Can you remember what a rectilinear shape is?


A rectilinear shape is a shape with straight sides/lines.


If you would like to recap what area is, then watch the video below.



Below is a reading comprehension about Henry VIII that you might like to complete.

Craft ideas


Below are some ideas of things you can make out of cereal boxes. We thought you might like to make one at some point this week. We would love to see photos!