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Wednesday 6th May

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something you'd like to do today. Either something from the PE and Exercise Ideas page or something you've chosen yourself.



Today I'd like you to re-visit the English lesson you did on Monday to complete Activity 3: Let's Be Creative. The link to the lesson is below, you'll need to scroll down until you see Activity 3. There is a short video clip to watch and then the activity is explained to you below that. I'm looking forward to seeing the characters you create and reading your sentences about them! Remember to use commas between the items in your list and the word and before the last item. 


Lesson link:



Today we are going to continue working on money. Today we will compare different amounts of money using a BBC Daily Lesson.

Here is the link:


Comparing Amounts Of Money



Afternoon Activities

The weather forecast for this afternoon is for sunny weather so I thought we'd do some outdoor activities.


I've attached a document below with some ideas to inspire you. They are intended to be done in a school setting but they can be adapted for use at home. I particularly like the small world one - instead of using a tyre you could use anything you have at home, a tray, an old blanket, a cardboard box. In addition I've also included a list of other ideas or maybe you have an idea of your own that you'd like to do. 

Chalks: Create a drawing using chalks on the ground outside.


Painting: Ask your parent if you can paint outside, you could create a painting of your garden or the flowers in it. make sure your paper doesn't blow away - weigh it down with something on each corner to hold it!


Minibeast Hunt: Search around your garden - how many different minibeasts can you find? Perhaps you could draw them and afterwards write a list sentence remembering to use commas.

In my garden I found a bee, a spider......


Bird Watching: How many different birds can you see flying into your garden? Can you identify them? Maybe you could do a drawing of one of the birds. 


Water Play: If you have a large container fill it with water, take out some plastic toys and have a splash about.


Outdoor Picnic: Ask a grown up if you can make a sandwich or a snack and take it outside to eat and enjoy. 


Treasure Hunt: How many diferent things can you find outdoors that begin with a different letter of the alphabet? Can you find something for every letter?

Before the end of today try to find time to learn your spellings and do some reading.