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Wednesday 6th May

Hello, welcome to Wednesday! 

  • Begin your day with PE with Joe (and Rosie!) Wicks on YouTube. Or if you fancy a change have a go at some yoga!
  • Phonics as normal. Timings on Home Learning Page if you need them.

  • Above is a link to make bunting for VE Day on Friday. If you don’t have a printer you could just draw a big triangle and make your own template. Happy colouring!
  • What have you learnt about snails? Can you write a fact in your orange book? See if you can segment the word ‘snail’ correctly! You could watch the YouTube video from yesterday or have a look at this if you need a reminder.
  • How did you get on with recognising those teen numbers last week? Now I want you to make a numberline all by yourself! You can be really creative with this. You might want to put numbers on all sorts of things. At school we have numbers on spoons don’t we? Your parents might not be pleased if you take all the spoons away so ask them before you start sticking labels on things! You could just use 20 pieces of paper or cardboard or you could use loo rolls, bottle tops, stones, shells etc. Anything you can write or stick a number on so long as your parents agree! It might take you a few days or even more than a week to complete your numberline depending on what you’re using. Use your numberline from your home learning pack to make sure you write your numbers correctly. I’d love to see some photos!