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Below is a link to a wide range of resources to help children and families through this very difficult situation.

The following resources have been collated from a wide range of sources to provide information for anyone to use as they feel would be helpful. They include information relevant to children across the early years and school age range including those with special educational needs and disabilities.

Please note: They are not recommendations, purely possibilities.

20.03.20 Chalk River Features

Year 4 have been learning all about the features of a river in the upper, middle and lower courses. They teamed up and showcased what they knew, using chalk outside on the playground. Some children even decided to draw a river on the right scale!

P.E - Tennis

This Spring term Year 4 have received some tennis coaching from our coach, Fred from the Skipton Tennis Centre. They have enjoyed learning new ball skills and playing various tennis skill games.

13.03.20 Fond Farewell

Today we said goodbye to one of our amazing Year 4 students, who is moving away to pastures new. We wish you and your family all the best and will miss you and your crazy raps lots!

06.03.20 Fairtrade Hall of Fame

After a week of Fairtrade activities, Year 4 presented their artwork and chocolate to the parents of Greatwood. They had solved the mystery of Leandro's river, looked into Fairtrade sustainable farming, showed what they learnt through paper art and made their own bespoke chocolates.

06.03.20 & 12.03.20 Water Cycle and River Features Art Attack

Different groups of Year 4 were given different materials and labels to show what they know about the water cycle and river features. They showed this using an art attack style laying different parts out on the floor. 

05.03.20 States of Matter Chocolate Experiment

For our Fairtrade Fair, we decided to make Fairtrade chocolates for parents and visitors to try. We talked about the different melting points of chocolate and other materials and what happens to the molecules when melted and cooled.

We microwaved the chocolate and added to moulds with marshmallows and hundreds and thousands. Year 4 had lots of fun but really struggled to not lick their fingers in the process!

05.03.20 World Book Day 2020

This year the whole school dressed in pyjamas for World Book Day. Everyone was asked to design and make a book in a jar, with the best ideas winning a prize. Well done, they were all amazing! Here are the Year 4 entries.


27.02.20 States of Matter Groups

13.02.20 Tudor visit to Turton Tower

To consolidate our learning on the Tudors, we went to visit Turton Tower. The tower is a real life Tudor house that is still furnished like it was in the Tudor times. Squire William Orrell and Mistress Mary met us when we arrived at the house and showed us around. They explained how the Tudors ate, slept and went about their everyday lives. We also found out about how Tudor houses were built and how to dance a Tudor dance.

12/02/20 - Planting the Community Orchard

We were invited by the council to help plant an orchard on the Greatwood Recreation Field. We went to help move wood and planting tubes across the field and then the children worked with different community volunteers to dig holes and plant different fruit trees. Some members of the class got very hands on and dirty!


P.E - Gymnastics

This Spring term in P.E we have been looking at different aspects of gymnastics. Year 4 have been practising their pencil rolls, teddy bear rolls, forward and backward rolls. They have also been looking at different combinations of apparatus to look at shape, balance and travel.

P.E - Rugby

In the Spring term we have also been learning all about rugby. Hedley, our coach has been teaching Year 4 lots of different rugby skills and tactics. We've battled through wind, rain, sleet and copious amounts of mud to work together as a team to learn skills and play some great games of tag rugby.

French - Au Marché

This Spring term we have been learning about French markets and their produce. Year 4 have played different games to learn the French names for vegetables, from matching games to Vegetable Bingo!

Autumn 2 Egyptian Homework

Year 4 have surpassed themselves with this term's creative homework. They were asked to build a model, make a mask or even design a PowerPoint, showcasing what they have learnt about the Egyptians. The time and effort that went into these projects is amazing, well done Year 4!

20.12.20 Egyptian Canopic Jars

Year 4 finished their canopic jars and were very proud of their own designs. They wanted to have a photograph taken with their jar to showcase them.

11.12.19 Leeds City Museum Egyptian School Trip

On a very busy Christmas shopping day in Leeds, Year 4 went to explore Leeds City Museum. We went by train from Skipton, which was a new experience for some children. We explored the different galleries, from Life on Earth to Voices of Asia first. We then looked round the Ancient Worlds gallery and visited the final resting place of Nesyamun, the 3000 year old Mummy.  In the workshops, we learnt how to mummify a body and how to make a clay amulet. 

04.12.19 Physical Food Web

We have been learning about food chains and webs in science. Everyone was given a sticker with an animal or plant on and they had to join themselves up into a food web, showing who eats what. There were lots of tangled webs going on!

03.12.19 Balls Skills for Invasion Games

Year 4 have been practising their ball skills to help them in their invasion games. Learning controlled chest passes, bounce passes and one arm passes and throwing into hoops to improve their accuracy.

29.11.19 Making Egyptian Canopic Jars

After designing their own canopic jars, using different pencil skills, Year 4 made their own 3D ones. Using paper cups, masking tape and cardboard they made the shape they needed to make either a falcon, baboon, human or jackal jar. They then added strips of papier mache to build up layers to strengthen their jar.

26.11.19 Stretch and Fitness Circuits

Year 4 had a go at different circuit stations in P.E. There were stations of burpees, mountain climbers and star jumps alongside team stretches to stretch their muscles.

21.11.19 Mummification Demonstration

Year 4 found an old suitcase in the corner of the room with a dead body in it. Their job was to prepare the body for burial by mummifying it. First they cleaned the body with wine, then they took the brain out of the nose with a hook. They then took out all the organs except the heart and put them into canopic jars. The body was then washed inside and stuffed with linen. Natron salt was placed all over the body and left for 40 days to dry out. Then the body was bandaged with linen strips and set with resin.

The body was then ready for its death mask and to be placed in a tomb.

14.11.19 Eggshell Science Experiment

Over 8 days, Year 4 observed the changes that happened to boiled eggs when left in different liquids. Eggshell is a very similar surface to teeth so this experiment showed the damage that certain liquids can do to the surface of your teeth. 

Predictions were made first then observations over different days and then everyone discussed and concluded which liquid was the most harmful to teeth.

The whole class also concluded that they would not do the same experiment again because it was just too SMELLY!


07.11.19 Year 4 Performance Assembly 'The Jungle Book'

Linked to our 'India' topic, Year 4 have been reading The Jungle Book in class. We decided to perform the play version for the school and parents. The children were each given a part and they practised their lines very carefully.

In the performance, Year 4 spoke loud and clear with lots of dramatic expression. They were all so confident with their lines and did amazingly, even though they had little time to practise.

06.11.19 Invasion Games

In PE this week, Year 4 concentrated on playing bench ball and planning tactics for their game. Miss. Hoggarth came in to support us with the team tactics and a lot of fun was had by all.

04.11.19 Scenery Painting

Year 4 designed lots of scenery this week for their performance assembly, The Jungle Book. They used lots of brightly coloured paint to paint trees, leaves, snakes, bushes, tigers and monkeys to create a jungle effect. The creativity and team attitude was amazing to see!

25.10.19 Diva Lamp Photo Shoot

Year 4 finished their diva lamps and were very proud of their own designs. They wanted to have a photograph taken with their lamp to celebrate Diwali.


16.10.19 Trip to Eureka - The Chew to the Poo Workshop

As part of our science topic on Digestion, we visited Eureka museum to learn more at their Chew to the Poo workshop. We experienced how a peanut butter sandwich travels through the body and we carried out some experiments, using the different processes. Year 4 also looked through the body exhibition to learn more about other parts of the human body.

10.10.19 Food Technology - Kulfi Ice Cream


Year 4 learnt how to grind their own Indian spices, using a pestle and mortar. They then followed a recipe to make Indian Kulfi ice cream, mixing up mango pulp, double cream and condensed milk. Cardamom spice was then added and the mixture frozen in cups.

At the tasting the next day, some people loved it whilst others were not so sure about the spice!


04.10.19 Diva Lamp Painting


Year 4 painted their diva lamps in lots of beautiful colours, according to their lamp design. They also added glitter and sequins to give their lamps an added sparkle to celebrate Diwali.

03.10.19 Digestion Experiment


Year 4 have been learning about the digestive system in Science. We carried out a hands on experiment to really see how food travels through the body. Year 4 worked in pairs, filling up their plastic bag (stomach) with banana and crackers. They mushed these together through the bag and then added water (saliva) and stomach acid (orange juice) and mixed it some more. 

They then pushed the mixture through some tights (intestines) and squeezed it to get rid of any excess water. The children then cut the end of their tights to push their waste out of the end (rectum), which resulted in some children being totally grossed out!


01.10.19 Retelling of the Rama and Sita Story


In RE, Year 4 have been learning all about Hinduism. We watched a film about the Rama and

Sita story and each table was given two scenes to act out. They wrote their lines out in speech bubbles and confidently acted them out to the rest of the class. Some groups even used their own props, making a bridge out of their pact books!

26.09.19 Food Technology - Indian Dips


In food technology, we have been looking at foods native to India. Before we started we discussed whether our ingredients were grown, caught, reared or processed. Year 4 practised their cutting skills, chopping up all the vegetables and herbs. They then mixed them with other ingredients in pairs, working as a team. We then enjoyed tasting all the dips with poppadums.

20.09.19 Diva Lamp Modelling


After designing their diva lamps to celebrate Diwali, Year 4 created them from clay. They formed the pot using the pinch pot method and smoothed the clay using water and their hands. Using clay tools, they added different designs into the clay.

19.09.19 Teeth


Year 4 have started to look at teeth in their 'Digestion' topic. They learnt why we have different shaped teeth and what they're used for. The children completed a teeth map to show how many baby and adult teeth they have. They also researched the different parts of a tooth and labelled a cross section. Using plasticine, they made a model of their own teeth. They ensured they got the correct shape by using a mirror to look inside their mouths.



14.09.19 Parts of the Body in French


Year 4 have been learning the different parts of the body in French. They started by learning how to sing a French version of 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes', then they drew around their bodies and added French word labels to them.

12.09.19 Digestion Modelling


Year 4 started off their Digestion topic by making the different organs of the digestive system out of recycling. The children were given a picture of a mouth, an esophagus, a stomach, a duodenum, a small intestine and a large intestine. They came up with their own designs, constructed their organs and decorated them with tissue paper.



10.09.19 Bollywood Arm Dance


Year 4 learnt how to use their arms to dance to Bollywood music. They found it tricky at first and had to learn to follow the person in front, a few seconds behind. The children were very proud of themselves when they eventually got it.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

03.09.19 Bollywood Dancing


Year 4 have started their PE block of Bollywood Dancing. They first learnt five different steps, including 'Twisting the Lightbulb' and 'Rolling the Dough' and have been performing these amazingly to the Slumdog Millionaire theme tune 'Jai Ho'.

Why not ask for a performance at home?

03.04.2019 Class trip to Malham and Janet's Foss day 1

We had an amazing trip out today to view the river system from Malham up to Janet's Foss.  The children amazed Mr Magee, our resident geologist, with their knowledge (of confluence, floodplains, meanders, tributaries and more!) as he shared with them his in depth knowledge of the area and the river system.