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Hello and welcome to the Year 5 web-page. I hope you enjoy finding out about all the fun things Year 5 have been learning about. 

Miss James


During our Science lessons this half term, Year 5 have been studying the topic 'Animals including Humans'. We have been learning about the life cycle of a human and the stages of development. 

We carried out an experiment to see if there was a link between how much boys and girls grow throughout their time at primary school. Our results showed that boys tend to grow slightly more than girls at Greatwood, and the largest amount of growing took place between years 2 and 3. 

In other lessons we have enjoyed learning about the gestation periods of animals and we felt that, on average, the smaller the animal, the shorter their gestation period.

Welcome back and happy new year. I hope you all had a lovely christmas holiday.

The children have had a great first week back and it has been lovely to hear about their holidays. Please have a look at our newsletter to learn more about what is going on this half term.

Rewind to Christmas

Year 5 have had a lovely morning down at Holy Trinity Church. They carried out a range of craft activities whilst learning more about the Christmas spirit. Their favourite activity was definitely making the chocolate truffles!

PE: Gymnastics

Year 5 had their first Gymnastics lesson this week. During this session the children developed their balancing skills. They also had the opportunity to create a short routine, which had to include their favourite balances and three different shapes. 

Martian Soil Experiment

Year 5 had an amazing time testing different martian soil samples. The children had to carry out a range of investigations, including dissolving and evaporating liquid. Each child loved having a different job role to undertake and they successfully identified sample B as being martian soil. Well done Year 5!

Bradford Media Museum Trip

Year 5 had a wonderful day out at Bradford Media Museum. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the different activities and enjoyed their 'hands on' approach to their science learning. Thank you for a lovely day Year 5!

Mars Rover Challenge

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Mars Rovers. The children then had the opportunity to design a way to protect their very own 'Mars Rover' (which was an egg). At the end of the afternon, the children dropped their Mars Rovers from a height and I was extremely surprised to find that no eggs broke! Well done Year 5 - you were all successful in protecting your Mars Rovers. 

Active Mile 

Today Year 5 had their first run out on the Active Mile track. All the children tried their best and managed to cover a lot of ground in 15 minutes. We are looking forward to our daily visits to the track and we can't wait to see how many miles the children achieve each week. 

Space Projects

I have been blown away by the standard of Year 5's completed projects so far! Despite only being set this task last week, we have already seen some fabulous pieces of work from home. A huge well done to Layla, Louie, Izzy, Jak and Lydia-  I can't wait to see the rest!

PE - Dance

The children in Year 5 are really enjoying our Dance lessons. So far they have enjoyed choreographing their own space dance routine, including different heights, speeds and directions. 

Year 5

Our new Year 5 class have settled in really well and are looking super smart in their new uniforms. I have been delighted with their efforts so far and think that we are going to have a fantastic year together!


Louie has excelled in his project homework! An edible Solar System, complete with smartie stars! The facts are brilliant and what really impressed us was the way that Louie spoke so confidently about what he had made. The standard is already very high! Well done Louie and family.
Picture 1

A few photos from this afternoon's rounders. 04.07.19

Tricky spellings this week! Well done the 100% ers!

Tricky spellings this week! Well done the 100% ers! 1

Stars of the week 21st June

100% spelling stars 14th June

100% spelling stars 14th June 1

Stars of the week 14th June

The rugby final at Sandylands - well done to our fab team!

Stars of the week Friday 7th June

10/10 spellers 24.06.19

10/10 spellers 24.06.19 1

Well done Marley - Head teacher's award

Well done Marley - Head teacher's award 1

Friday 17th 10/10 spellers!

Friday 17th 10/10 spellers! 1

Golden awards Friday 17th May. Well done!

Golden awards Friday 17th May. Well done! 1

Y5 have been practising the 50 metre sprint. We were so impressed with the times the children achieved.

Ten out of ten spellings on Friday 10th May

Ten out of ten spellings on Friday 10th May 1

Ten out of ten in test on Friday 3rd May

Ten out of ten in test on Friday 3rd May 1

Golden awards 3rd and 10th May

Summer term 1 spellings

Summer term 1 topic letter

Our first lesson with Mr Price. The staff were very impressed!

A few photos of our visit from Catherine Mercer - the 'Bee lady' who will be working with Y5 to make our grounds more bee friendly!

As you will be aware, all children bring home a set of ten spellings every week. These are given to the children on Monday morning, and children are expected to stick them into their PACT book, which should be brought home every evening. Please ensure these spellings are learnt thoroughly for the test on Friday.