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Welcome back to our final half term. As you will be aware, half of the Year six cohort are back in school full time and the other half are learning at home. Therefore, I will continue to put work onto the website and this will include a basic skills activity, a maths and English task and a wider curriculum idea for the afternoon but there will be some small changes: The English work will be now based on the BBC home learning or Oak academy for the next seven weeks, and the maths will be taken from the White Rose maths scheme that the school have subscribed to. If you would prefer to work from the books sent home instead or explore your own topics, then of course that's absolutely fine. As a mum and teacher, I truly appreciate what we are asking of you, and my message is still the same - well-being comes first. If you need a few days without work, take them, and just keep focused on what your family need! Try to take some form of daily exercise too - whether that be a walk, gardening, cycling or an online class. It really does improve your mood and makes it much easier to focus on work.  
Here are the web addresses of four of our favourite Nrich games (so far). Once on the page, you can choose to be directed to similar games or games that are slightly more challenging. 
Take a look at this website - link below...

Take a look at the exciting news in the link below!

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Hello everyone. I hope you're all having a lovely half term. I had an email today from the Country Trust with a link to the video that was made of our visit last year. It brought back some lovely memories! It is live until the end of June. Enjoy!

To all children who are going to The Skipton Academy in September, please see the attached transition activities that I have been asked to share with you. If you are coming back to school on Wednesday, these will be done in class. The message from The Academy is as follows: 


Please feel free to use the resources with the students or send them home. It would be great if they could bring anything they've completed with them when they first visit the school for transition. There will be prizes for anyone who gets full marks in the quiz! We have also created a virtual tour video, which is available here:



Welcome back Year Six and your families. I hope you have had a good holiday despite the very strange circumstances. Hopefully the weather will continue to be kind to us, which makes staying at home and exercising from home much easier. I want to reassure you that the most important thing in your family right now is everybody's well-being. Taking time to do things that there's never normally time to do is so important, whether that be gardening, re-watching family favourites or just sitting down to eat together. 

On the website, I will continue to upload daily activities: a basic skills task, an English task and a maths task. There will also be a suggestion for an afternoon activity if you wish to do something less formal. We understand that whilst some children thrive on routine and love completing all the tasks, others may be content to learn in completely different ways. When the children return to school, whether it be this term or next, their learning will move forward from the right place, at the right pace. 

I would love to hear what you've been doing in the holidays or just how how you're feeling - please email us: 

Big hugs and lots of love

Mrs Smurthwaite and the Y6 team











Basic skills (Early work)


Basic skills(Early work)


Basic skills(Early work)

General knowledge

Basic skills(Early work)


Basic skills(Early work)












 Afternoon task will be based on one of the following subjects:  History / Geography / Art / Science / PHSE / Music / French


Mental Health Awareness Week

Compass is delighted to announce that during Mental Health Awareness Week they will be launching their YouTube channel ‘Wellbeing Wake-Up’.


‘Wellbeing Wake-up’ sessions are aimed at primary aged children, parents/carers and education staff. The weekly bitesize sessions will be based around the 5 ways to wellbeing; connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give. The first ‘Wellbeing Wake-up’ video will be uploaded on the 20th May 2020 at 0830.


Monday afternoon's activity is PHSE based, and focuses on 'being kind'. I am hoping that you enjoy doing it and can maybe encourage others to give themselves complements too. On Tuesday to Friday afternoons, there are more ideas which you might choose to do instead of, or in addition to the other subjects. It's up to you how much you want to do! Being kind to yourself and to others is so, so important.


Please Note: We will not be adding daily Home Learning Tasks during the Easter Holiday period (Sat 4th April - Sunday 19th April). Instead there will be a range of activities for children to choose in the new sub-page Easter Holiday Activities. Don't feel you have to do all or even any of them if you don't want to. They are just there as ideas if children would like something to do.

Please continue to send in photos of what you've been busy doing at home. I have loved seeing the funny photos and hearing about how you've kept busy. It's great to hear that you're well so feel free just to send a "Hello!" 

I am missing all the class and hope that you all stay well, and your extended families too. Look after each other and always remember:


Home learning

The school have purchased maths and English workbooks for every child. The children that returned from East Barnby may collect these on Monday. They will be placed at the top entrance of the school and will be clearly named. Each child has also been given a book where they can record their completed tasks. Additionally, we have set up an email for Y6:

Please use the email to send photos and tell us all about what you have been doing at home. It would be good to hear about how you are managing to exercise too! (Maybe it's star jumps in the garden, step ups on your stairs or squats to music!) Some children may want to share how they are learning a new skill or improving an existing one, such as cookery, creating or making an indoor gym! 


Welcome to Year 6!


Thank you for visiting the Year 6 web-page. Mrs Hoggarth, Mr Magee and Myself are delighted to be part of the Year 6 team. We hope you enjoy looking at our class page to find out about all the exciting things your child has been learning about.


Mrs Smurthwaite



East Barnby 2020 has been an incredibly special experience for our staff and Y6 children. We have laughed so much and witnessed so much kindness, from getting each other into wetsuits to team hair drying!  We hope you enjoy the photos below, and of course enjoy hearing all the stories first hand. Thank you to every single child and adult who made it so wonderful.  

In this set of photos, we have: Vacuuming to 'I want to break free', low ropes, yummy breakfast, wetsuit trauma, room photos, table tennis dream teams, apostrophe practise in the sand, sledging, kestrel spotting, seashore exploring and rounding up a sheep (well, poodle) on the beach!

Canoeing and seaweed wars. We paddled from Ruswarp to Whitby harbour, enjoying a few games and some tributary exploring along the way. The children really persevered with the steering and team work, even when their arms were getting tired. Luckily, one boat was powered solely by a teacher! (You know who you are!!)

Thursday night tuck shop and music at East Barnby

Cycling along the old railway track in glorious sunshine. Friday 20th March 2020

More magical memories from East Barnby. Seashore exploring on Friday morning.

Day 2 East Barnby:


Although we are facing such a difficult and unknown time in the world at the moment, our (your) incredible Year 6 children are doing what children do best... Living like children, enjoying themselves and making the most amazing memories that they will never forget.  Parents, we are sure that your households will be very quiet at the moment!  But no doubt you are missing your children very much, they are very safe here and are all well.


Today has consisted of; Canoeing, Cycling, Beck Scrambling, Night Ropes, Tuck Shop and the most delicious chicken pie ever!  


We cannot wait for tomorrow!

East Barnby Residential Day 1:  We have had an incredible day involving body boarding, dry ski slope sledging and lots and lots of fun.  Photographs are taking such a long time to upload, but we will persevere in trying to ensure that there are daily updates for everyone.

Spring term (2) is already here, and I can't believe that half the year has whizzed by. Our new topic - The Olympics has begun! Please see the newsletter below for more information on the next half term.

Here are spring term (2)'s spellings:

In English, we have begun the next writing phase. We enjoyed a bit of peer assessment and aimed to get our experts' approval!

Every Monday morning is PHSE. This week, our warm up game was called 'Connections' and we found common ground that connected us all.

Our new science topic - 'Electricity' is underway.

Nous degustons un croissant avant de faire notre evaluation! Tres bien.

Science - Investigating lung capacity, peak flow, resting heart rate and breathing rate. Mr Magee could hold his breath for ONE MINUTE and ELEVEN seconds!

Our sportshall athletics team

The topic - 'China' has begun, with children saying what they know and want to know about this fascinating country.

A bit of drama! We imagined life in the Shang dynasty. Can you guess who were slaves and who were higher up in the hierarchy?

16/01/20 Look at our amazing Terracotta army figures. Mrs Hoggarth and Alex have had a wonderful afternoon with Y6!


All of Y6 enjoyed listening to each others' presentations that the children had done for homework. Topics included aeroplanes, football, Lego, rugby and of course animals. Sadly, no-one chose to do a topic on York City! The children marked each presentation out of 20 - the results of which are in your child's homework book. Thank you to all the parents who support their child at home with homework. It really does make a difference, and supports the learning that is taking place in school.

Studying microorganisms in science. We investigated whether temperature or food or light affected the growth of yeast. When yeast grows, it gives off carbon dioxide, which we collected in a balloon. What conclusions will we make tomorrow, I wonder!

In PHSE, we have been using the 'Jigsaw' scheme of work, and have been focusing on our strengths and goals. Everyone had the opportunity to give their class mates a compliment. How lovely are Y6?

In science, we've been classifying animals, and as a treat for those that had successfully sorted the animals, we classified sweets. Mrs Smurthwaite and Miss Carter were very upset that no-one went wrong; meaning that we didn't get to eat the sweets!

Computing - We managed to create a spreadsheet which showed the number of 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s when a dice is thrown 500 times. Luckily, the computer did all the work for us! We just had to program it! The graphs we produced at the end were impressive too.

Salsa Sessions with Mrs Smurthwaite and Mr Magee

Still image for this video
Our Dance sessions have been thoroughly enjoyable, this week our focus was on Salsa. We learnt the basic salsa steps and then worked in small groups to develop our skills even further.

Amazing water colour paintings of Viking longboats by our Year 6 class. They created this wonderful art work using different techniques.

Year six are very proud to announce that 24 of our class can now run for the full 15 minutes without walking a single step. Everyone is feeling the benefit of the daily walk / jog / run on our active track, and we can see a significant improvement in fitness levels. Keep it up Y6!