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Greatwood primary 20 (43) (Custom)We have, as all schools do, a legal and moral obligation to be vigilant regarding issues of child protection and have a School Specific Child Protection Arrangements Policy in school.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mrs Yeoman

Safeguarding School Specific Child Protection Arrangements September 2023

NSAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

What should I do if I have a safeguarding concern?

If you have a safeguarding concern surrounding a student at Greatwood Community Primary School, please call to speak to a member of the Safeguarding Team or send us an email.

Phone Number: 01756 707600
Email: admin@greatwood.nsat.org.uk

Annual School Safeguarding Pupil Voice Questionnaire

Every year we carry out an annual Safeguarding Pupil Voice Questionnaire. This allows us to ensure that we are continuing to listen carefully to our children, but also to ensure that they feel safe at school and know who they can talk to if they are worried. With many of our children having access to online devices at home it is equally as important that our children have the skills to keep themselves safe online. Here are our September findings:

Do You feel safe at Greatwood?

Question 1

Who could you go to if you ever felt unsafe or worried?

All children who we asked were confident in who they would go to. 

Question 2

What things are in place to help to keep us safe at Greatwood?

100% of the children asked knew that the teachers kept us safe and 50% of the children asked felt that the fencing and the gates kept us safe.

Question 3

Has another child ever hurt you at Greatwood? If so, what happened to keep you safe?

The children were very clear that the staff members were here to help to keep them safe and resolved any issues quickly.

Question 4

Have you ever done any online safety learning at school? If so, what did you learn?

100% of the children had learned about Online safety at school. 

Question 5

If you told an adult something at school and they did not act upon it, what would or could you do?

100% of the children asked were confident that they would then tell someone else, 29% of the children asked answered Mrs Yeoman for this question.

Question 6

If the adult still did not do anything, who else could you tell?

100% of the children knew who the safeguarding team were and could name someone who they would tell.

Question 7

What one thing could we do to improve safeguarding at Greatwood?

The majority of the children could not think of anything else that we could do to improve safeguarding at Greatwood. 

Here are some of the improvements that they suggested:

"There is quite a lot to keep us safe, so I cannot think of anything else."

"You could put even more locks on the doors"

"We could have even more staff"

"You could stop anyone from being mean"

"I feel safe already"

"I don't really know because it's pretty safe!"

"I don't think you could, I think that you have done everything that you can"

Whistleblowing Procedures

Any concerns about inappropriate conduct in school by members of staff or visitors must be taken to the Head of Academy or a member of the Safeguarding team immediately. 
If you do not feel you can take your concern to the above people, please either: 

  • Contact the Chair of Governors via the school address or by email to: governance@nsat.org.uk  
  • Contact the Chief Executive Officer or the Chair of Trustees via NSAT Business Centre, Gargrave Road, Skipton, BD23 1QN, or by email to: governance@nsat.org.uk   

Free, confidential advice about Whistleblowing can also be obtained from Protect: https://protect-advice.org.uk

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