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Extra-Curricular Activities

Across the Academic Year we provide a range of clubs for children to participate in. These clubs run either at lunchtime or after school led by members of staff from Greatwood School. 

Choir: The school has a talented choir that has performed alongside other schools at a number of events this year and also took part in the Young Voices 2023 choir in Sheffield. 

Wake-Up Shake-Up: Every day from 8.30-8.45 our whole school can take part in Wake-Up Shake-Up in the hall, this is a brilliant way to start our day and helps with our active 60. Our Year 6 Playmakers lead on this daily.

Lunchtime Playmakers: Our Year 6 children design and lead on lunchtime activities for our younger children in school. These activities range from ball games, parachute games and even colouring activities. 

Lunchtime cricket: Lunchtime cricket runs every Wednesday lunchtime with Mr Magee. 

Lunchtime football: Lunchtime football runs daily with Mrs Hoggarth and Mrs Exley.

Morning Reading Club: A ‘Reading for Pleasure’ group runs in the library before school in a morning. The Group is aimed at readers who enjoy meeting as a small group to discuss all kinds of reading for pleasure.Our Year 6 pupils lead on this activity. 

This half term our After School Clubs are:


Y6 Playmaker Training

Box fit Club

Sewing Club

Art Club

Balanceability Club


Soccer Elite Football

Goalkeeping Club

Wednesday Jam Coding

Cookery Club

Yoga Club


Beekeeping Club

Friday Football


Throughout the school year we offer a variety of extra-curricular clubs. Some of the clubs that we have this academic year are:

Beekeeping Club

Jam Coding


o Boys Friday football

o Girls Friday football

o Basketball

o Vlogging Club

o Hockey

o Multi Skills

o Dance

o Athletics

Gardening Club

The school take part in inter-school sports tournaments, competing with great success in a number of leagues and competitions

This is a programme that has been specifically designed to provide a broad range of clubs and activities to encourage children to participate in learning beyond the classroom.


  • To raise attainment in all subject areas

  • To engage children in a wider range of sporting activities

  • To engage children in a wider range of extra curricular activities

  • To give children a sense of achievement and a goal to work towards

  • To encourage children to commit to attending clubs across a term

  • To promote a love for learning and to create new aspirations

  • To increase the engagement in out of school learning, e.g. reading and home learning tasks


Clubs are proven to be extremely popular and will enable staff to develop relationships with pupils from across the academy as well as nurturing hidden talents. Some clubs can also be linked to our key priorities, such as debating club, STEM and reading.


  • All teaching staff are expected to lead one club block per year.

  • All support staff are expected to support or lead one club block per year, unless within working hours, in which case additional clubs will be supported.

  • Part-time teaching staff will be asked to either support a club or to be on the rota system to cover clubs if staff are absent.

Specialist Clubs

  • Soccer Elite

  • Jam-Coding

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