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Here you will find all of the important dates for the upcoming academic year 2021-2022

January 2022

5th: Year 2 Outdoor-Ed Group 1 (for three weeks)

5th: Year 5 Brass lesson

7th: Year 2 Sharphaw trip Outdoor-Ed

7th: KS2 Prejudice and Anti-Racism Day

9th: Horse-Riding Lessons

9th: Guitar Lessons

11th: Violin Lessons

12th: UKS2 Swimming

12th: Saplings Group

12th: Brass Lessons

13th: Outdoor-Ed Grimwith Reservoir Trip

13th: Friday football

17th: Guitar Lessons

17th: Horse Riding Lessons

18th: Violin Lessons

19th: UKS2 Swimming Lessons

19th: Year 5 Brass Lessons

19th: Saplings Group

21st: Outdoor-Ed Fishing

24th: Year 2 Group 2 Outdoor-Ed (for three weeks)

24th: Horse Riding Lessons

24th: Guitar Lessons

25th: Y5/6 Girls Football Team NYCC Finals York

25th: Violin Lessons

26th: UKS2 Swimming Lessons

26th: Year 5 Brass Lesson

26th: Saplings Group

28th: Outdoor-Ed Sharphaw Trip

February 2022

1st: Violin Lesson

2nd: UKS2 Swimming Lesson

2nd: Year 5 Brass Lesson

2nd: Saplings Group

4th: Year 4 and 6 Tag Rugby festival

4th: Outdoor-Ed Grimwith Reservoir Trip

7th: Horse Riding Lesson

7th: Guitar Lessons

8th: Violin Lessons

9th: UKS2 Swimming Lessons

9th: Year 5 Brass Lessons

9th: Saplings Group

10th: Year 5 Jorvik Viking Centre Trip

10th: Parent Forum Meeting 9am

11th: EYFS Art Exhibition

11th: Outdoor-Ed Fishing Trip

14th: Year 3 Outdoor-Ed Group 1

14th: Year 4 Crime and Punishment Trip to Ripon

14th: Horse Riding Lessons

14th:Guitar Lessons

15th: Parents Consultation Evening

15th: Violin Lessons

16th: Parents Consultation Evening

16th: UKS2 Swimming Lesson

16th: Year 5 Brass Lesson

16th: Saplings Group

17th: Outdoor-Ed Sharphaw Trip

17th: Friday Football



28th: Horse Riding Lessons

28th: Guitar Lessons

March 2022

Guitar lessons: Monday and Wednesdays

Violin Lessons: Tuesdays

Piano Lessons: Thursdays

2nd: Saplings Group

3rd: Incredible Years Parenting Course

3rd: World Book Day Parent Reading Cafe 2.30-3

3rd: Aspens World Book Day school dinner event

4th: Outdoor-Ed Grimwith Reservoir Trip

7th: Table Tennis ASC

8th: PC Ruth Pearson- Y6 County Lines/Knife Crime talk

9th: Let Girls Play Football Event

9th: Brass Lessons Y5

9th: Saplings Group

10th: Incredible Years Parenting Course

11th: Outdoor-Ed Fishing Trip

11th: Celebration Assembly

11th: Year 5 and 6 Football Festival-Sandylands

11th: Outdoor-Ed Geocaching and Fishing

11th: Friday Football ASC

14th-18th: British Science Week

14th: Horse Riding

14th: Table Tennis ASC

14th: Year 3 Outdoor-Ed Group 2

15th: Year 1 Minibeasts Talk- NFU Education

16th: Brass Lessons Y5

16th: Saplings Group

17th: NYCC Music Showcase Assembly

17th: Incredible Years Parenting Course

23rd: Saplings Group

24th: Homework Hall of Fame

24th: Incredible Years Parenting Course

25th: Mother's Day School Lunch Event

30th: Saplings Group

31st: Incredible Years Parenting Course

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