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Homework at Greatwood

We have a whole school, consistent approach to Homework which runs from Nursery all the way up to Year 6. 

Homework is set termly and links directly to the curriculum that we have here at Greatwood. Homework is set to enhance and further our children's learning.

The focus of Homework throughout each term is based upon: 

  • Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
  • Working with numbers and being scientific
  • Being creative
  • Being active, finding out and doing things

Every two weeks we have homework hand-in dates.

We then celebrate homework with our families in the form of a Homework Hall of Fame which can be seen in the video below.

Homework in our school takes various forms depending on the age of the pupils.

For example, for our younger children it may be practicing reading, phonics, spellings and times tables to support their learning in school, while for upper KS2 it may be additional work to prepare them for the demands of secondary school.

We are also mindful that children at Greatwood have opportunities and experiences outside of school life that are equally important in developing and enriching their lives.

Our policy and practice therefore recognises the need for our children to have time to be children!

Nursery Homework Spring Term 2023

Reception Homework Spring Term 2023

Year 1 Homework Spring Term 2023

Year 2 Homework Spring Term 2023

Year 3 Homework Spring Term 2023

Year 4 Homework Spring Term 2023

Year 5 Homework Spring Term 2023

Year 6 Homework Spring Term 2023

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